Friday, October 30, 2009

the morning sun...

There are times when I wish I could be the kind of person who sleeps late but then I would miss views like this one. Mornings are wonderful. I always wake up feeling hopeful, I enjoy the quiet. Even when the kids were little I encouraged quiet in the mornings-there was no TV while getting ready for school(unless we needed to check the weather). I wanted their day to start off calm. The chaos of the world will work it's way in sooner or later but for now, anything is possible.


  1. Mary...I lost your address and I still have your prize...could you please email me at with your addy?! I want to mail it out ASAP!! Thanks so much!!:) Leslie Ackman

  2. Hi Mary~ I almost fell over when I saw an
    actual comment!
    So-o-o-o-o I decided to make a comment too!

    WHAT have you been up to? Busy with ideas for the Holidays I bet! Me too......ideas ha, that's about how far I get!
    I plan to call you soon! ♥♥♥