Monday, October 5, 2009

Words of Me Begins

EDIT-I don't what happened to the size of the font but I can't seem to change it in editing so ignore it, I am not trying to shout at you-LOL. So today the Words of me project is the link again..WORDS OF ME
Leslie was kind enough to offer a prize package and guess who won?? ME!!! Must be my lucky day....
So now I need to pick a word for this week, I am thinking I will use this project to do a little journaling in my regular journal( i bought a new one to focus on positive things rather than the regular b#*ch fest my journal had turned into) and since I love working on TAGS I am going to create a weekly art tag with my WORD-at the end of the project I will have 52 art tags that i can bind together with a ribbon or binding ring.
Since I am really working on beating this depression that is still mocking me from the sidelines of my life my first word is....
SMILE ...I don't realize how often i walk around with a scowl on my face,my daughter notices and she often tells me to smile,my jaw notices because I am aware of the pain from clenching it all the time, my poor forehead notices-I have deep scowl mark embedded right between my this week I focus on reasons to smile, I will make it a point to smile at people when I am out and I will make a concerted effort to not look so "scowly" at home-I found a wonderful quote that i will share and probably work into my art tag later this week.


  1. S........some

    show on our face. A smile is a frown turned upside down... I tried the "word" a year. I failed completely. Actually, I tried journaling, failed that too.

    It is sunny here. Harriet

  2. Mary, I LOVE your word-smile. I love how positive your post is and I love the tag idea...I may just have to borrow it...:)


  3. Mary~ I see great expressions from you in any artistic endevor you choose!

    SMILE<----You have a lovely one! That's why your customers miss you and Morning Sun Studio so much!

    Congratulations on winning the Prize Package!
    Yippeeeeeeee! Amazing isn't it? To be the lucky winner out of many! let's figure out how to win the
    PA LOTTERY for life!!!! LOL :-)