Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ch ch changes

so the bus just stopped,waited a few seconds and went on without Jenna....she is still sleeping......I guess we're cyber-schooling. It has been an odd process-I contacted the school for info and before I knew it she was signed up-I still don't know much about how this is all going to work but I am hoping my questions will be answered when we go to the Intermediate Unit for her interview and to get the laptop and stuff-that should happen today if all goes well. I think she will wait until at least next week to start.
everything has just been so weird...not just jenna cyber-schooling...jillian is movi
ng to very own place this weekend-no more stupid,dirty roommates, she has matured so much the past several months and has really taken control of her own life(I am sad and happy at the same time-sad that she doesn't need me much any more but happy that she is a responsible adult). Mark's job has been odd-slow tot he pint where we have held our breath each week waiting for a lay off notice but now it is super busy and he is able to get a ton of hours.My business has been in a holding pattern all summer-I admit I haven't given it much attention but it has held on so hopefully I can give it some TLC and watch it bloom this Fall and Winter.My parents will be moving in Sept-AGAIN-I don't even know how I feel about that...happy for my Mom and sad for my Dad I guess? They are moving to a retirement community where I am sure my Mom will be happier but I seriously cannot picture my Dad there-what on Earth is he going to do all day without any property to take care of? Hey Dad-if you ever feel the need to mow you can come on over here...plenty of yard work needs done! I don't know I just feel like something big is shifting...all these subtle changes are adding up to something?? I wonder where I stand in all of this?
And by the way...Jenna is still amazing me with her photography...sometimes she leaves me speechless....

Friday, August 21, 2009

endless summer...

I simply cannot believe it is the end of August...I was feeling pretty blue about my daughter going back to school when suddenly a new idea was presented...."Mom, do you think I could try Cyber School?" hmmmm, CYBER SCHOOL?? Well i had to Google it of course and I must say I was intrigued-it seemed too good to be true. She can get an EXCELLENT high school education on line-now this is not "Home Schooling"...I will not be her teacher. God forbid, the poor child would be dumb as a box of rocks. This is a way for her to take some fabulous classes that her school could never offer...Graphic design, Photoshop, Forensics, Astrology, Mythology,a wide variety of literature classes, the kind of Math courses that a person might actually NEED later in life like Personal Finance, Business honest now-have you ever truly needed Calculus at any point in your life?? But how many times have you wished you understood interest rates better? How the stock market works? How to create a usable budget? Why credit cards are so risky? How to file a tax return? You get the idea? For those of you who have kids in public school have you noticed how the curriculum has changed the past few years?? The teachers have no freedom to make their classes more interesting, to make learning (**gasp**) FUN-they are forced to drill info into the kids heads so they can do well on the PSSA tests. Ask any teacher how they feel about this? Most if not all will say it has taken the joy out of teaching.
So Cyber School it is-we dropped off the application this need to buy school clothes this year, my girl is getting new pajama pants!! We are pretty excited...a new adventure awaits!
Oh and just so you know-Cyber School is a right for every PA school student-it is FREE, paid for by your tax dollars-they supply the laptop(returnable after graduation), the internet access, the software,etc.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I actually made a couple of cards...I think this is the first creative thing I've done all summer.The past few months have been tough ones and I feel as if I have missed the entire summer, but with the weird weather I guess I haven't missed much??
So about these cards...the first one is a Thank You card I made for a friend who was kind enough to buy this fabulous new bat punch for me-its HUGE and I love it...thanks Carolyn!!
And the 2nd card is I made just because...I made some beautiful marbled paper and wanted to use it(also used it on the bat above) along with the Butterfly Die i bought from Stampin Up-I'm not a huge fan of Stampin Up, i don't think they pay their demonstrators enough for all the hard work they do for the company and I detest that ridiculous handling fee they charge on orders but once in awhile I have to order something. Anyhow-the butterfly die is really nice-it works in my Cuttlebug and has four sizes of butterflies on one die. The larger one here measures 4" across. I used a simple piece of purple wire for the antenaes and three clear dewdrops for the body-the sentiment is from Stampendous.
There is still a bit of summer left and I am going to my best to enjoy it.