Saturday, November 12, 2011

Memory Box Craft Dies

Have you tried the craft dies from Memory Box? The designs are unbelievable and I cannot keep these little gems in stock...I received two orders in the past month and have two more coming within the next 3 weeks. I haven't even been able to keep any for myself yet. These are super thin steel dies, made in the USA and are compatible with all the leading Die Cut machines. The basic "sandwich" is the same as you would use for the Spellbinder dies, you may need to "shim" it,every machine cuts differently. I am trying to get some Sizzix thin die adapters in stock but the darn things are always sold out.

In other news...have you started your Christmas cards yet?? yeah me neither...I have two stamps picked out to use but more than likely I will change my mind a thousand times and end up creating 5 or 6 different designs. Do you settle on all one design or do several?