Thursday, October 1, 2009

FALL Projects

I wish this was how my house looked...nothing wrong with dreaming right?

Looking for some cute ideas for Fall projects....check out this wreath...
Fall Wreath

I wish I had a front door that was usable..we STILL don't have a front porch after living here for 6+ years!Maybe I could do something to hang on the fireplace?
And how about some frosted candles...I love the look
of these-
Frosted Candles

And here are a few random photos from my idea where they are from so i can't give links....enjoy...

1 comment:

  1. Hey there now~~~~~~~I thought maybe I'd never get through that listing of "ologies" LOL

    ...Neat Decor Porch and Halloween and Fall ideas!

    Green Eyes? I had no clue!

    I think your Blog is great......and wish you would maybe somehow post Your Way of doing a particular stamping know.....the way to use this or that for instance:
    The proper way to use a stamp w/wood base:
    " " " " " " " w/acrylics.

    Maybe it would be helpful for beginner stampers!

    Just an idea!