Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two in one day?

Here are my third set of banners...I will never understand how Blogspot photos work, it doesn't matter in what order I upload them they are never in that order when published?? Whatever-at least they are all there.

it figures

It figures, I sign up for a class and suddenly my life gets very busy. That's OK, I am still plugging away. I finally got the 2nd set of banners photographed and only need to assemble the third set. THEN I have to get caught up on three days of class...I will enjoy every second of it.
This class is helping figure out changes I need to make in my art room to make it flow better, my vintage stool, while VERY cute is not working for me, I need to be able to spin around to access the drawers behind me, I need to be able to wheel out to stand up ( I do a lot of standing while I am creating). I need a CLEARED surface to put my cuttlebug and paper cutter on...flat surfaces do NOT stay clear around me, this is gonna be a tough one...I think i will just have to keep the two pieces out all the time to prevent myself from piling things on the top of the cabinet I keep them in. I am going to have to index my clear stamps so I can flip through a book to see what I is too hard to flip through the basket and know what is there ( love/ hate relationship with clear many cool designs but I just find them frustrating to work with and put away so i end up with a dish full of random clear stamps that all need put away with their proper set.)
OK-I think I should have a couple of hours today to get busy in that room!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dry embossing on black glossy

I learned a little technique in the class I'm taking using your embossing folders on glossy paper and sanding lightly to expose the un-glossy paper and inking it...pretty cool but I got to thinking about black glossy is the result..oh the possibilities!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Class Day One

Here are my pieces for Day One of the Inspiration Showcase Class. I decided to make a banner rather than a canvas because I am in the middle of revamping my art room and I thought a banner would be more versatile.
I just watched the Day Two videos and am so inspired to go back to my room and play some more!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

on a roll

I find this idea like the idea of a kind of "journal tape journal"...informal,random,colorful,personal, & funky.....
Artsyville for more photos and info

Sunday, September 4, 2011

OnLINe Class

Have you all seen this... an online class featuring some of the biggest names in the stamping world and it's only $ took me about 5 seconds to decide before signing up. Hopefully this is the boost I need to get creative again.
It has been a busy summer, my youngest daughter graduated, we had her graduation party which was a huge success and then she moved out last month. I still see her often but it isn't the same as having her living here. My nest is officially empty, I guess we must have done something right,we raised two mature, independent young ladies who aren't afraid to go out and do things on their own! But now I am floundering a bit until I figure out my new role in life. I have a million and one ideas that I need to pursue.
I will share my progress in the class here, anyone want to join me?