Friday, July 23, 2010

mini studio photos

From the hall-it is still a guest room,plenty of space and Cooper thinks it is pretty spectacular!(that is is stuffed tiger in the middle of the room)
A display wall that i will add to as I find interesting things.
My table-an old enamel top farm table(needs a paint job)-above it is an old metal basket Mark found for me in the woods! A photo of downtown Pittsburgh taken by my nephew and a few favorite things.
There are three aqua metal cabinets in here-something my Dad got for me when the place he used to work was shutting down one of its buildings-the nurses station had these and they were going to throw them in the dumpster!
So this is my new far so good! There is a closet in the corner that has some storage space for paper and misc stuff,room under the bed for things and I still have the big room in the basement for messy work and TONS of storage.

New studio...again

So my new mini studio is up and running..still don't have everything i need in there but I am taking my time and trying to do it right. Jenna has the camera right now but I promise to post photos soon. I am so excited to have SUNLIGHT in my studio again and Cooper is thrilled to be able to lay by by side while I fiddle around with all my papers and inks and stamps. I actually made 6 cards today-they are for an exchange at a Stampin' Up party tomorrow...the theme is BABY which is something I never do so it was a challenge for me!
There is a sale going on in my Ebay store right now, the link is on the side bar>>>>>

Saturday, July 3, 2010

new items for sale

I am listing more stuff for sale...trying to purge my supplies so I can actually use what I have instead of spending all my time trying to find things!
Click the tab at the top of the page that says STAMPS FOR SALE...I have more than just stamps--there is scrapbooking items,cuttlebug stuff,7 gypsies stuff...I will continue to add more as I find things so be sure to check back often!

Friday, July 2, 2010


I promise I will be posting lots of fun stuff....SOON...there are a million ideas rolling around in my is getting crowded in there!