Sunday, November 15, 2009

need a boost?

See over there in the side bar where it says INSPIRATION OVERLOAD...? If you click on those links they will take you to my inspiration blogs,one for cards,scrapbook pages and misc handmade items and the other is for Decor...not much in the way of words but instead pages of photos find in my web travels that I find to be inspiring...feel free to go take a peek...I add to them several times a week so be sure to bookmark the address so you can check them out often.

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  1. Mary.......Just spent a delightful hour perusing your "Creative" and "Dreamer" sections. The cards were lovely...for me simplicity speaks the loudest. The rooms were wonderful eye candy. I was not surprised but pleasantly pleased to see white as the main background color. Amazing, to me at least, the simple lack of color (white) showed each item or room beautifully. I know in some of the rooms natural light played a big part. My house is a traditional colonial.....front of the house faces south, one window upstairs facing west and one facing east. You can imagine the challenge the gray Michigan days bring with no sun to speak of. Everytime I see a well lighted room, I always believe the house is in a sunny climate with lots of windows. Those crocheted balls......I would love a pattern to do those...I've never seen anything like them. I'd love to see a Christmas tree decorated in them in graduated sizes....neat. Harriet