Saturday, October 10, 2009

Smile Art Tag

Well I don't is my SMILE tag for the Words Of Me project-I am not at all happy with the writing of quote, I may rework that,the pens just weren't working well on the background plus the fact that my eyes have decided to go Ka-Phlooey on me-I have always been near sighted-I can't see anything beyond a foot in front in front of me without my contacts but now I can't see close up either..I figure I should be legally blind by the time I am 50 if this keeps up. It is so frustrating to try and work on anything creative-I bought some "readers" but glasses give me such a headache(which is why i wear contacts).
Anyhow- the background of the tag was created with a bunch of different spray inks and bubble wrap to add some texture as it dried. I tried a
glitter pen first but it didn't show up so i went over than with a white gel pen. The "smile" was done with rubber stamps and pearlescent rust ink from Brilliance-I stamped and embossed it in clear before I did the background. I stamped and embossed the butterfly in clear after I did the blue ink but before I did the magenta ink-after everything was dry i used an iron and piece of copy paper and ironed the embossing out of the tag-the technique is called Faux batik. The quote reads " No one needs a smile more than the person who fails to give one"


  1. Your tag is beautiful. The softness of the inked background is lovely. You said you used "spray inks".....would glimmer mist or Maya Road be either of the products? I'd like to give this idea a try, thanks. HH

  2. Oh, I love your tag!!! This is so fun. Yesterday I was at a big scrapbooking convention and thought about your tags...I tried to find something cool like that for my words but still trying to decide how I want to do this!! So glad you are playing along, Mary:) Leslie

  3. Ummm,not sure why but I (scrapwordsgirl) posted the about comment NOT chubs...what in the heck is going on? Who is chubs??? Leslie

  4. That is pretty and looks soft like velvet or old warm jean material!
    You always present neat ideas....
    ...different ways to approach a project and the outcome is always a mystery!