Friday, January 8, 2010


First of all-we have a bit of snow(like 4-5 feet) then we got ice on top of that and now we have 4-5 inches of snow on top of the ice on top of that snow-Mother Nature has lost her ever lovin' mind!This photo is straight out of the camera-unedited...the ice encasing a seed head in my garden,isn't it weird,looks almost like someone drew it??
And this has been the only creative thing I've accomplished this week(unless you include creative ways to stay warm??) I am working on a patchwork type of sampler-my inspirations being
both of whom have been working on some wonderful projects.
So this is piece one...inside the lace piece I stitched some of my sister's potpourri,the velvet piece is something I found in all her stuff after she died-there were several of these pieces cut up-maybe she planned to make a crazy quilt? I don't know but I couldn't throw them away. It's all stitched down to a piece of Aida cloth and accented with some white buttons from my stash. The stitching is not meant to be perfect because then it would be too much like work instead of relaxing play(by the way PLAY is my word for 2010)

OK back to play(sounds much better than "back to work" huh?)


  1. back to play does sound better! :-) your patchwork sampler is beautiful! and yes, i thought that first photo was a print or a drawing! at least the snow and ice is creating some cool imagery!

  2. I think your patchwork sampler is great. Creativity and play can flow through a needle as easily as any other art medium. I, too often, think in terms of ridgity when beginning any know right/wrong. That's not the way to begin, intend to use this year for "if it looks good, it is good". HH