Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gearing up for the New Year

the last day of 2009, to say I am relieved is an understatement. This has been the most challenging year for me and I am ready to put it all behind me.

What do I want for 2010?? Happiness or at least contentment. I have many blessings but I have been having a hard time seeing them so I hope to be more able to think positively-if I can get control of my own thought process I am half way there! I need to stop the negative thoughts as soon I as I feel them creeping in. I can do this.

In the sidebar you'll see a link for the Creative Every day challenge..its an interesting group that has been active for two years so i thought I'd give it a try...I need to have encouragement to be creative, I often tell myself it is a waste of time, that i should be doing something more productive. Creativity just for the sake of creativity is hard for me-plus I suffer from perfectionism-if it isn't FABULOUS i think it isn't worth my time or the use of my supplies. So I NEED to just let go, I have more than enough supplies to last me for years and even if what I produce isn't worthy of the Louvre it is still my art....whether is is stamping,collage,fabric-nothing is any more ARTSY than anything else-I don't need to need to use $20 brushes or $10 paints, I don't need the best paper on the market, I don't need to know the "proper way" to sew or embroider and I don't need permission to take the time to be creative-I am worth it.

I have no idea what I will work on-maybe I will dabble in a little of everything, I have so many interests-I will do my best to share my journey. I can't promise I will post every day but I will post as many photos as i can-the good,the bad and the ugly!

See that other thing in the sidebar that says FOLLOWERS...its kind of discouraging that there is only ONE,its super easy to be a follower,just click it and do what it says...its all free and the interesting thing is that if you do this with all the Blogs you like to read you can then read all the latest updates in Google Reader(it gives you the option when you open your Google acct-the blogs you follow come up in a window and below it it says "read in google reader" and it opens a new window that you can just scroll right saves the time of clicking open each Blog every day to see if they have been updated-pretty cool..there are alot of options, its something I just messed around with and clicked everything just to see what it did-yeah that's what I do all day-LOL) But anyhow-if you become a follower it doesn't change anything,you can still read the blog any way you like, it just lets me know that maybe you kinda like me??

And since I know everyone loves's one that jenna took of Cooper the other day-


  1. Happy New Year, Mary. Out 2009 and thank goodness it's going. Hello 2010 everything's new and ready for whatever I want it to be. Like you, I am a perfectionist and therefore extremely critical of my "art". I'm going to work on the perfectionist thing because in the long run it's a real drag!!!

    I think this year I'm going to work at remembering "the sun will come out tomorrow...." think I need to learn the words to that song. Harriet

  2. Hi Mary,
    I'll follow you almost anywhere. I agree that your art should be your own. You don't have to satisfy others, don't have to be told how to do things unless you ask and don't need critical views unless asked for. We all have opinions otherwise we'd all be the same. shudder. Too many of me as there is.
    I'm looking forward to the New Year. Spring is out there somewhere!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR MARY~ I have so missed your blogging!
    Your have so many talents and interests - and remember the only person you need to make happy is YOU!
    I think we all need to remember that!
    Yeah.....2010 - Bring It ON!!

  4. I used to be a perfectionist myself, and I can tell you you're on the right track. I started focusing on play. How can I play around with supplies and enjoy myself, rather than focusing on the end product? About half of all the cards I make now are mediocre, and a few are truly terrible. And honestly, now I view them as learning experiences.

  5. This is a gorgeous shot of a really cute dog!
    love the snow on his nose! I follow you since I found you on Hero Arts I just don´t sign up for the "Follow" thingy.....I like Feed Burner or whatever some of those are called...maybe you should put one on your sidebar,,,maybe more people would sign up for that type of thing, I would anyway ;)