Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunshine and Stamps!

Oh my goodness-the sunshine is like a drug...a really really gooood drug!
And I listed new stamps today....i have a confession to make, wait, L-O-V-E..I LOVE stamps.

There I said it..i feel so much better now. At first I was kind of a snob about clear stamps,didn't really like them,thought they were just a know. But I have to admit-the affordability of manufacturing acrylic stamps has really opened up the market for some FABULOUS designs-designs you would never see in wood mounted RUBBER because the cost to manufacture rubber is higher.I still think in the long run,the rubber will last longer and if you do ALOT of stamping(like if you make cards for a living and are likely to use a stamp hundreds and hundreds of times) you should invest in rubber whenever possible but clear stamps have their place. Especially when you can get designs like these...the first two are from Tattered Angels and the stamps are HUGE-that butterfly is 6" across! The leaf in the other set is 4" long so the owls,dragonfly and butterfly are even bigger-crazy cool! The next one is from Bo Bunny-they used to be strictly "cutesy" but their stamp designs have come a long way-the bigger sets are in a CD storage case-I also have a couple of their smaller sets in my Ebay store.
And the last set..ok I KNOW its CUTE,sometimes you can't resist cuteness and these are done so well. I also listed some sets from Unity-they are pretty darn awesome.
Ok back to the sunbeam!

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  1. I know what you mean about resisting the clear stamps in the beginning...but now I prefer them actually...who´d ah thunk it? I like them cause I can actually get a lot of work done and throw them in a bucket of water and keep going on the project....expecially with acrylic paints and all so I see them as a plus now. I do like these BIG ones you have displayed here.