Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

A day to give thanks for your blessings...sometimes it's hard for me to see the forest through the trees. Today I will step back and count my blessings...
my beautiful,healthy, independent girls.
my hard-working,patient husband
a roof over my head
a working vehicle(when the snow starts flying I will be even more grateful for the 4 wheel drive)
my husband has a job
Ebay-which allows me to make at least a small contribution to the household bills
my sweet pup who makes me smile everyday
and this might seem weird but I am just so grateful that i have my own bathroom-no one else ever goes in there, it is my haven- I can sink into my deep tub with a pile of bubbles and just forget the world exists, I can keep my jars and bottles of miracle lotions,gels and potions out and no one will get anything dirty or leaky or use my favorite sweet smelling handsoap to wash their greasy hands, no one leaves whiskers in the sink, no one leaves toothpaste on the counter, no "forgets" to replace the TP., no one leaves towels on the floor(except me). I don't think I can ever go back to sharing a bathroom!
As a side note-if you are gearing up for Christmas card making, I have some fabulous Christmas stamps in the Ebay store right now-some on auction and the rest are BUY IT NOW-some end on Sunday. Also I have a LOT of ink pads right now.
Have a beautiful day...don't eat too much, you know you'll regret it...go for the dessert first so you can enjoy it!

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