Sunday, September 4, 2011

OnLINe Class

Have you all seen this... an online class featuring some of the biggest names in the stamping world and it's only $ took me about 5 seconds to decide before signing up. Hopefully this is the boost I need to get creative again.
It has been a busy summer, my youngest daughter graduated, we had her graduation party which was a huge success and then she moved out last month. I still see her often but it isn't the same as having her living here. My nest is officially empty, I guess we must have done something right,we raised two mature, independent young ladies who aren't afraid to go out and do things on their own! But now I am floundering a bit until I figure out my new role in life. I have a million and one ideas that I need to pursue.
I will share my progress in the class here, anyone want to join me?

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