Wednesday, September 21, 2011

it figures

It figures, I sign up for a class and suddenly my life gets very busy. That's OK, I am still plugging away. I finally got the 2nd set of banners photographed and only need to assemble the third set. THEN I have to get caught up on three days of class...I will enjoy every second of it.
This class is helping figure out changes I need to make in my art room to make it flow better, my vintage stool, while VERY cute is not working for me, I need to be able to spin around to access the drawers behind me, I need to be able to wheel out to stand up ( I do a lot of standing while I am creating). I need a CLEARED surface to put my cuttlebug and paper cutter on...flat surfaces do NOT stay clear around me, this is gonna be a tough one...I think i will just have to keep the two pieces out all the time to prevent myself from piling things on the top of the cabinet I keep them in. I am going to have to index my clear stamps so I can flip through a book to see what I is too hard to flip through the basket and know what is there ( love/ hate relationship with clear many cool designs but I just find them frustrating to work with and put away so i end up with a dish full of random clear stamps that all need put away with their proper set.)
OK-I think I should have a couple of hours today to get busy in that room!

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