Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Fever

We're supposed to get a pile of snow today but I still have Spring Fever..I am itching to change things up in the house. I'm trying to decide what i can do that won't cost much but will actually have an impact....paint is cheap but it is such a huge job-the only room that needs painted is my bedroom and it is so big it will take a few gallons. I found the bedding I want on am hoping it is more grey than brown-of course it isn't available in the store to look at I'd have to order it but it returnable to the store if I don't like the color. But I can't really do anything else til I order the darn thing!Maybe when we get our tax return?
Ok so I still need to do something to satisfy the urge to decorate!! I wonder if just Spring cleaning and rearranging some shelves will placate me?

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