Friday, August 21, 2009

endless summer...

I simply cannot believe it is the end of August...I was feeling pretty blue about my daughter going back to school when suddenly a new idea was presented...."Mom, do you think I could try Cyber School?" hmmmm, CYBER SCHOOL?? Well i had to Google it of course and I must say I was intrigued-it seemed too good to be true. She can get an EXCELLENT high school education on line-now this is not "Home Schooling"...I will not be her teacher. God forbid, the poor child would be dumb as a box of rocks. This is a way for her to take some fabulous classes that her school could never offer...Graphic design, Photoshop, Forensics, Astrology, Mythology,a wide variety of literature classes, the kind of Math courses that a person might actually NEED later in life like Personal Finance, Business honest now-have you ever truly needed Calculus at any point in your life?? But how many times have you wished you understood interest rates better? How the stock market works? How to create a usable budget? Why credit cards are so risky? How to file a tax return? You get the idea? For those of you who have kids in public school have you noticed how the curriculum has changed the past few years?? The teachers have no freedom to make their classes more interesting, to make learning (**gasp**) FUN-they are forced to drill info into the kids heads so they can do well on the PSSA tests. Ask any teacher how they feel about this? Most if not all will say it has taken the joy out of teaching.
So Cyber School it is-we dropped off the application this need to buy school clothes this year, my girl is getting new pajama pants!! We are pretty excited...a new adventure awaits!
Oh and just so you know-Cyber School is a right for every PA school student-it is FREE, paid for by your tax dollars-they supply the laptop(returnable after graduation), the internet access, the software,etc.

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  1. Holy BatMan!!!!!
    This is amazing! Sounds like a real adventure!
    I hope it is as great as they say! Anyway
    you are a good student and I know you will do
    ...and when the ** ** * flakes fly you'll be all cozy doing your school work in a snuggily sweatsuit and drinking hot chocolate!
    ,,,So long school bus!!

    Hugs to all!