Friday, February 17, 2012

Tip for Memory Box dies

So the detailed steel dies from Memory Box are gorgeous right? But it is sometimes beyond frustrating to get the paper out of the darn die after cutting! I have ruined countless pieces trying to get them out...the die pick works sometimes but it is better for removing the small pieces that are supposed to come out and can actually damage the parts you want to keep. I love this Twirled Heart die... I mean L-O-V-E it but usually ended up mangling the top heart trying to get it out of the die until I simply took a piece of double stick tape,folded it in half to make it a little stiffer and used my fingernail to press it into the groove and TA-DAH, it pulled the paper out enough for me to be able to gently remove the entire thing without damage! Hooray!


  1. So beautiful, this goes on my wish list

  2. This is a great tip Mary. I have some really old dies that don't have little holes to punch the paper out so it is very frustrating and annoying (so glad the die companies realized their error and started putting little punch holes in their dies) Anyway ... I use lay a piece of wax paper on top of my die then my cardstock then run it through my machine. Thankfully that seems to work. : )