Friday, May 13, 2011

Painted Upholstery

I had this stained and faded old chair in the basement, I tried shampooing it, it wouldn't come clean. So it sat down there, I thought maybe someday I'd learn to reupholster it. Yeah right.
One day I got to thinking about painting it...painting an upholstered chair? Was it possible? What kind of paint? Would the paint crack off if you sat on it? Would it be all stiff and weird?
I knew that Lumiere fabric paint dried soft when you used it on fabric so i thought I'd give it a try...if it didn't work then chalk it up to experience right? Well it WORKED! I thinned down the paint 1:1 with water so it was very thin and I just started laying in down..the fabric is textured and interestingly enough the paint took differently to different parts. I used Silver metallic which was scary but I thought the metallic sheen might distract from any imperfections in the fabric and not show streaks. I was right-love when that happens.
The chair turned out a silvery sage color...very subtle bit of sage. I painted the legs white and dry brushed some silver onto them. The fabric is a little stiff but this isn't the kind of chair you're going to sit in every day, it is more of an accent chair that looks cute sitting by the fireplace in my bedroom. I think it needs a cute little shabby pillow...I'm going to work on that this weekend(keep in mind I can't sew so this should be interesting). Love when I can turn a "what if" into a completed project that I am proud of.


  1. I love Lumiere paints! I use them on just about everything. They are like magic in a jar. Love that chair!

  2. WOW I LOVE IT!!! Great job! I was planning on getting some lumiere paint in silver but was worried about how it would turn out. Thanks for the post!