Friday, January 21, 2011


Ok here is a quick tutorial on the technique featured in Take Ten magazine.
Start with a pile of Tim Holtz's Distress Inks(I used a white paint pen to mark the colors on the sides so I can find what I need faster), a non stick craft sheet, a small spritz bottle filled with plain water(I got my bottle at Walmart for 50 cents-the Ranger Misters work well also) and some plain white cardstock-you can experiemnt with different types of cardstock, some are more absorbent than others.

Rub a Distress pad over your craft sheet,just a smallish area-maybe 3"X5"?
Spritz it lightly with water until the ink beads up like this.
Lay a piece of cardstock down onto the ink-do not move it around, just straight down and back up. Notice there will still be some ink on the craft sheet, you can use that on another piece of paper.Sometimes you get speckles and sometimes you get more of a watercolor effect-depends on the amount of water.
Let the ink dry completely-you can use a heat gun to speed that up. Then repeat the process with a 2nd color.
Coming up with color combos is half the fun-some are better than others,this yellow(wild honey) looks like pee to me..ewww,but if I had used it with something like rusty hinge or another warm color it would look nice.
This technique is fun to use on tags also-this one has Olive and Mahogany.
and look at the paper towel when I finished...that's awfully cool, I will have to keep that for a future project.
If you have any questions just shout and if you need any of these products I will gladly order them for you. OK-go make a mess!


  1. Hey Mary,
    I love your tutorial. Although I've moved from cards to jewelry-making, I have tons of tags, paper, and scraps left over. I'm going to use your idea for Thank You cards with my Etsy sales. Thanks! I'm going to follow your blog - I love it.

    Check out my blog:

  2. Looks easy. Going to try it.