Friday, September 11, 2009

Studio In Progress

Here are some photos of the current state of my studio...still needs a ton of work but since I am in a decluttering and organizing mood it should be a piece of least i have some empty flat surfaces now!
The first photo is my "cuttlebug station" and my basket of unmounted stamps-there is a sump pump behind this! In the background you can see my flatfiles where all my mounted stamps and inkpads and some paper are stored,also the table is my sit down work space. To the right of this area is my washer and dryer and deep sink.
This is the area that needs the most work...its just too cluttered. Now that i have more drawer space some of this will be moved. The red tubs on top hold ribbon,stickers and I think one is empty right now.
This is a long shot of my new cabinet and at the end is my "Ebay Store". I am keeping my paper cutters on the counter and also a large self healing cutting mat so this can be my CUTTING STATION.

Here is a closer view of my Ebay Store-the counter is where I wrap all the packages, the drawer has my markers,my thank you tags,scissors,etc. Everything ont he wall is currently listed for sale,on the black shelving unit-the bottom shelf is stuff that needs to be listed,next shelf is stuff that is already listed, next shelf is a combination-the Stampin' Up stamps are listed the other stuff is misc. The top two shelves are extra storage. Oh yeah and in the corner is a filing cabinet with photos in it and on top is a basket of Cuttlebug stuff that is listed. My packing supplies are just outside the door...padded envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes,etc
Here is a long shot from over by the Ebay area-still some boxes to go through.
So that's it...not exactly pretty but it sure holds a lot of stuff huh? I know I know- I am working on that...toooo much stuff that I don't use! I need to convince myself to use it or lose it!
I was going to show you a photo of the ENORMOUS spider i killed in here is in the basement was HUGE....I took a big heavy book and gracefully tossed it across the room and squashed him, I was too afraid to actually go over and step on him..what if he ran up my pant leg or something?? Seriously I would have had a stroke!


  1. WOW ~*~MARY~*~ Great pics of your new
    Just amazing all the "NEAT STUFF" !

    And I do believe we "CRAFTERS" all belong

  2. what a great workspace. Thanks for sharing it. It is fun to see other peoples' work stuff!